Learn When The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap Community Reopens for Enrollment!

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Bringing the JOY back for Pediatric Occupational Therapists

No one told you that you would be spending so much time doing PAPERWORK, let's fix that!

Did you become an OT to complete documentation? I didn't think so!

Start ENJOYING your Sessions and LOVE why you wanted to become an OT in the first place!

Feel satisfied, energized, appreciated, and valued


Reduce indirect therapy time and bring more joy into your life.

Do you feel there was something missing in your education?

Well there was!

Traditionally that bridge was an amazing fieldwork experience and mentorship at your first job. But with managed care, high productivity, and many OTs working alone, that is jus not happening anymore.

You need to bridge the gap from school theory to actual practice!

Do you ever feel this way?

Drowning in paperwork because you aren't sure what is really needed to include?

Wondering if there is another way?

Feel stressed during sessions because you are trying to figure out out what to do next?

But don't want to spend hours planning?

Crave more quality time for yourself and family in the evenings and weekends?

Your mind's on work, even during family time. You’re helping others, but are you building memories too?

Wondering if you should leave the profession or if you should have ever become an OT in the first place?

But you have spent so much time and money on OT school. There has to be a way to ENJOY being an OT.

Feel like you are falling further and further behind?

But you are not sure where to start?

Your health and mood are suffering?

Always on the run, taking work home, paperwork in the evenings, clients always on your mind?

Doubt the impact you are making?

You used to love OT. But with the assembly line rehab world, you are starting to wonder if it is all worth it?

Feel all alone?

Now, your brain is half on the work grind even when you're with your family. You feel disconnected, you need to change.

And now you’re looking for a better way to reduce your indirect time and become happy and fulfilled...

I've got you!

If you’re tired of feeling this way - join me, and let’s unlock a new level of efficiency, effectiveness, and enjoyment for your practice and your life.

Have More Quality Time With Your Family and

Less Stress and Balance Your Life.

All while providing better outcomes for your clients.

You want to spend less time documenting and planning so....

You tried posting on Facebook

👉 BUT those connections, are fleeting

and half the time are

filled with complainers

You also went to

more CEU courses

👉 HOWEVER just more knowledge

isn't what you are looking for

You even thought about switching settings or careers

👉 BUT the thought of starting over makes your stomach do flip flops, and are you

just trading one problem for another?

What Other OTs Say After Working with Me

"Nurturing, friendly personality, and goes out of her way to help"

"Michele's temperament and professionalism puts everyone at ease"

"Michele is a treasure!"

"Her professionalism, creativity and expertise is invaluable to all that have the opportunity to work with her"




When I started out as a new pediatric OT, I felt insecure and pretty lost. My pediatric fieldwork was on a child psych

unit. A far cry from the private school where I was working mainly with children with CP! I was so lucky to work with

a supportive group of OTs, something I didn't realize would become harder and harder to replicate later in my career.

There were many times I wondered if I picked the right career. People didn't understand what OT is, and thus many

times they don't see the VALUE.

I was working all the time, putting so much effort and detail into paperwork and my sessions.

I was completely overworked.

There had to be a better way.

I needed to learn what was REALLY needed in paperwork, how to work and plan smarter not harder.

And that's when it hit me!

We were not taught how to create CLEAR,

CONCISE, and EFFECTIVE documentation

But I couldn’t find a system anywhere.

So I decided to create it.

And My Mentees Saw Results

"My life at work has been easy since I enrolled in your mentorship class.

Before the mentorship program, I felt that I really needed this course since I was struggling day by day in

documenting my daily notes which was taking up so much of my time.

I was really hoping to make my life easier so I can have more quality time with my family and balance my life.

I learned the way I am supposed to work smart not hard.

With my improved mood and improved quality time, work became easier and more manageable."

Irene - OT Doctoral Student

Learn When The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap Community Reopens for Enrollment!

*By entering your email address, you agree to receive emails from The Virtual Pediatric OT.

The best thing?

Therapists now had a system that can work for ALL their clients, for their whole practice, and for years and years to


Therapists enjoy their practices more and the kids make more progress!

So how does it work exactly?



To become an efficient, confident, fulfilled pediatric OT

Step 1

Learn to Plan Efficiently

Step 2

Write Quick and Easy Notes

Step 3

Organized Evaluations & Select Goals Simply

Can this really work?

You Bet!

What other OTs say after working with me

Did joining the program impact your OT practice or life in general? A big yes! I was able to manage my time wisely and daily/weekly treatment into more productive, less stressful, and creative, meaningful activities because of the program’s tips and strategies.

”I love the 1:1 time Michele gives as it became very personalized and she hears what matters to me most."


OT Doctoral Student

Your program has been great, giving me lots of insights into ways to rethink how I am working. Many of your ideas are going to impact my work positively.

Michele, thanks for sharing your experience and your many insights. You’ve been there. You get what problems can arise as we try to do our work to the best of our ability, and you have valuable insights for how to work with our professional paperwork differently so we are not just more efficient but better therapists.

I’m really glad I enrolled in the course and was able to work with you. Appreciated how personable and available you always were.


Clinic Pediatric COTA

"I wanted to say a big thank you for such a great resource I have just discovered by accident through Google search!!

You’ve done a great job of offering us quick easy solutions and support for my practice.

Thank you again for collating these amazing resources together. Well done.

Happy to support all the way 😊

With kind regards


I took your advice and I did one activity and graded up and down all day. I did Zoom ball and then we did Play-Doh. It went great!

I graded the activities by using a fork to spear the Play- karate chop the Play-Doh off. I was better able to grade the activities and....

I wasn't stressed out during the day at all!


Clinic Pediatric OTR

“I really loved that you are very down to earth and easy to talk to. I always felt safe expressing my fears and discussing ideas with you. Technology was easy to use (payment, navigating website, accessing google meet appointments). Through this experience, I was able to grow a lot and be more versatile with my treatments and it pushed me to think outside the box.”


"The mentoring process was very enjoyable and enlightening with Michele Schwartz. Each session I had opportunities to present cases, ask questions about treatment options and goals, engage in brainstorming activities and receive feedback. I found every minute of our hour long sessions extremely valuable . Michele provided concrete recommendations and posed thought provoking questions to foster my critical thinking skills. Michele drew from her wealth of pediatric experience in providing recommendations and feedback . Her easy-going manner made brainstorming ideas fun! I am excited to be using my new skills. I am 100% satisfied with my mentoring experience."


Experienced EI OT

"The most beneficial parts of the mentorship program were having a sounding board and having someone that could help me zoom out to see the bigger picture of the services I am providing.

I am much more confident about the skills I have a better plan for moving forward."


Newer Pediatric OT

Welcome to


The first program for pediatric OTs to revamp the way you practice while getting the support you crave, without taking years to figure it all out.

The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap Includes Step by Step Guidance:

☑️ The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap Course - 3 modules

Quickly Learn:

  • Easy session planning

  • Quick note writing

  • Organized Evaluations

  • Simple goal selection

☑️ Your Questions Answered! - Support and encouragement to completely change the way you practice!

Submit questions each week on all things Pediatric OT, or ask your questions on live calls!

A unique approach to how you plan, document, and practice!

Why Join The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap?

You walk away with a signature process for planning, note writing, and goal selection that SIGNIFICANTLY takes less time!

This enables you to provide BETTER therapy and have more time to enjoy your life outside of work!

Foundations: Systematic Session Planning

What you will learn:

Lesson 1: Stop the Cycle

Lesson 2: Your roadmap to efficiency

Lesson 3: How to organized your caseload

Lesson 4: Clinical Reasoning - Remediation versus Modification

What you'll get to get this done faster:

  • Time Audit

  • Caseload Organization Worksheets

  • Clinical Reasoning Tree

☑️ By the end of this step, you will have a simple way to organize your practice.

Step 1: Systematic Session Planning

What you will learn:

Lesson 1: Structuring Your Sessions... so that you can take the first step toward less documentation time AND have better sessions

Lesson 2: How to Group Your Caseload... so that you plan much much less

Lesson 3: Pick Your Weekly Activities ... without getting caught in the individualization trap

What you'll get to get this done faster:

  • Caseload grouping worksheet

  • Examples

  • Planning worksheet

  • Session Structure worksheet

  • Activity to easy notes examples

☑️ By the end of this step, you will have a simple way to plan your sessions and STOP being stressed during the day and ENJOY the kids while they make MORE progress!

Step 2: Write Quick and Easy Notes

What you will learn:

Lesson 1: Track how long your notes are really taking ... so that you can learn why they are taking so long

Lesson 2: Learn what really needs to go into your notes... so that you can only include what insurance companies really want

Lesson 3: How to stop the need to document everything... without leaving out what really needs to be in your notes

Lesson 4: Write your notes in 5 minutes or less... by building a personalized template

What you'll get to get this done faster:

  • Time Tracker

  • List of words to use in your notes

  • Favorite phrases list

  • Note Audit Checklist

  • Get your current notes audited

  • Feedback on your template

☑️ By the end of this step, you will have a simple template that includes what is needed and you will write 5 minute notes!

Step 3: Evaluations and Select Goals Simply

What you will learn:

Lesson 1: Evaluation Tips and Structure

Lesson 2: 4 Steps to Selecting Goals Simply

Lesson 3: Identify Functional Goals

BONUS: Craft Your Goal Bank

What you'll get to get this done faster:

  • Evaluation Tips

  • Pediatric OT Evaluation Checklist

  • Sample OT eval Template

  • Goal bank worksheet

☑️ By the end of this step, you will have a simple method to organized your evaluations and select developmental goals for your clients so that you will complete them throughly and quickly!

Your Mental Health, Your Clients , and Your Family Will Benefit When You Are Supported and Fulfilled

I'm Michele - Your Mentor and Coach

It’s my mission to make the lives of pediatric occupational therapists easier!

Pediatric therapists impact lives every day and we deserve to be happy and fulfilled. I believe we are the most undervalued professionals. But instead of being paid our worth, we are overworked and burnt-out!

But it does not need to be that way. The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap products are here so we can change that together.

Once you achieve efficiency you can have confidence, fulfillment, and balance in your life!


The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap


✓ 3 modules that provide you with the step-by-step strategy

✓ ​Including all the worksheets to systemize your practice

✓ An ever-growing resource library

✓ Private community coming in 2024!

✓ Feedback on your templates

✓ ​Get your questions answered every Wednesday

Invest in Yourself and Your Practice

Regular Price: $49/month

Cancel at any time

$5 from each membership goes to support Wishes at Give Kids the World!


SOAP Note Template

Affirmation Cards

Audio Encouragements

Answering all your questions

How does your program work?

Every month we will cover one step in the program in depth. You go through the module, which never takes more than 1-2 hours (you can even get a certificate of completion!). Then submit any questions or attend the live teaching session.  There are also chances to have your new templates reviewed if needed. Other optional sessions are available during the month for additional professional support.

How do the live online meetings fit into it?

The meetings are were I will be teaching the systems for The Efficient Pediatric OT Roadmap that will then be place into the course.  Coming to the meetings gives you a chance to ask questions but they are not required.  Members can also submit questions ahead of the calls.

Who is an ideal OT for your program?

My program is tailored for pediatric occupational therapists across all settings and experience levels. Whether you're a seasoned OT feeling overwhelmed by paperwork or a newcomer seeking support, the program is designed to empower you. If you're motivated to enhance your efficiency, confidence, and overall well-being as a pediatric OT, you're an ideal candidate for this transformative journey.

Can I get more 1:1 guidance? 

There are a lot of opportunities in this program for 1:1 connection.  Weekly check-in emails and live calls. For those who want more, I offer a 12-week program Rock Your First Years.  Schedule a call to learn more.

Can I cancel at any time?

For the monthly program, yes! If you are not satisfied, you can easily cancel right from the portal.

What makes your style unique and effective?

I'm all about efficiency while also providing the best therapy we can. I believe we are being asked to do too much, for too little pay. So we need to do this by making the biggest impact and in the least amount of outside time possible.

I aim to keep this program affordable and teach you how to spend LESS time working to keep your sanity. 

My approach combines my extensive experience as a pediatric occupational therapist with my background as a life coach. This unique blend enables me to address not only the professional challenges but also the personal aspects that influence your practice.

What changes can I expect from this program?

Working with me, you can expect a  shift in how you approach your practice. You'll become more efficient, managing your time and paperwork effectively. Your confidence will grow as you benefit from shared experiences and expert guidance. This leads to a more balanced work-life equation, allowing you to deliver exceptional care while also nurturing your personal life.

How can I have more questions answered?

I'm always willing to answer any questions!Email me at [email protected]

Shine Bright, Soar, and Rejuvenate Your Practice

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