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Where should I send your Guide To Consistent Simple Session Structure?

Learn what using a session structure does for your practice and learn a simple session structure you can use today.

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In school we learned about treatment activities, but did you also learn how to structure your sessions?

Many new practitioners are not sure how to structure their sessions, or are unsure if their current structure is providing the best results for their clients.

Session structure is something that some OTs learn in school, but many of us did not. Many times it is learned on fieldwork or on the job.

I have been offering different versions of this booklet for about 3 year and it is by far my most requested freebie!

In this download I will give you my structure and explain why using a consistent structure will help your practice.

But learning a structure to use is only the first step.

Understanding how this structure can now decrease your planning AND documentation time, now that is transformative.

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